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EDGE Headset Upgrades by Oregon Aero®

Upgrade Kit Components

What traits do you look for when shopping for a gaming headset? Sound quality, style, brand, wireless or wired, built in amp? Regardless of your preference, is comfort a factor? You betcha! Sure, It felt fine when you tried it on at the store but how does it feel after gaming all night? Before boxing it up and making a peace offering to the opposing team consider upgrading it with an EDGE Omega Plus Upgrade Kit? Eliminate distracting headset pain and stay in the game.

Oregon Aero has been upgrading aviation headsets for civilian and military pilots and crew members since 1989. We are now offerning the same tried and trusted upgrades for gaming headsets. Oregon Aero upgrades eliminate headset pain and improves acoustic performance.

Upgrade Kit Components

A - SoftTop® Headset Cushion

The SoftTop installs over your existing headband cushion. This plushy, genuine sheepskin cushion eliminates pressure points by distributing pressure evenly. Sheepskin padding is also Self-wicking. This keeps perspiration at bay while keeping your head cool—or warm. The SoftTop cushion secures to your headband with a durable nylon hook/loop wrap.

B - SoftSeal® Ear Cushions

Oregon Aero's SoftSeal Ear Cushions have more internal space than stock cushions. Our cushions are designed to fit over your ears instead of crushing them. Pressure and temperature-sensitive visco-elastic form core conforms to the shape of your head to form a tight seal—even if you are wearing glasses or earrings. Foam cores are covered in comfy and durable synthetic leather material. SoftSeal Ear Cushions are easy to install with included adhesive rings or flanges. The type of mount used varies with different headset models.

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